My name is Robert, I live in The Hague (Netherlands)
I am currently working in the financial sector. Photography is a solid hobby that plays a prominent role in my daily life. Besides my iPhone, I always carry my camera with me.
I live in a city where the beach plays a prominent role in everyday city life.
So, you can say this is enough inspiration for a photographer!
My camera body is a Nikon, I have several lenses of different brands although, my preference is to use a lens with a fixed focal length.
Besides photography, I like to visit photo exhibitions. 

I prefer Black & White photography for the period between 1930 and 1970

By visiting these exhibitions over the years, I started to collect Photo Albums from Professional Photographers.

For me, these books are almost as important as a good camera and lens. It gives so many insights and inspiration to approach the light in a different way 🙂